Mission Statement

Our Vision

Destiny’s Bridge™ intends to be a community for the temporary housing and care of homeless adults. Organized around the principles of environmental sustainability, Destiny’s Bridge provides the homeless with shelter, sustenance, and medical care; opportunities for rehabilitation, holistic healing, and learning of employable skills so as to facilitate their reintegration into mainstream society.

Our Mission

Founded on the belief that once the poor and disadvantaged are given the chance to regain their human dignity in an environment of acceptance and nurturance they will become empowered to re-join society as functioning individuals. We strongly believe that each person is deserving of dignity and validation regardless of their circumstances.

Unlike a traditional “homeless shelter” which simply provides a cot and a roof over ones’ head, Destiny’s Bridge provides a tiny home “of their own” in which the homeless temporarily live as they begin the process of healing surrounded by a community which offers care, rehabilitation and support so they can start the process of becoming productively integrated members of society.

Destiny’s Bridge is a community run on the principles of sustainable living. A grouping of solar powered tiny homes surround the perimeter of the property with a large community garden at the center and workshops to the side. A main building will house supportive services, offices and a common area.

In the future Destiny’s Bridge hopes to interact with the community at large by having a cafe, selling products from their studio workshops, and offering Community Supported Agriculture shares, all to ensure self-sufficiency.