An Appeal

Fifteen years ago, a man asked me for help. He did not have enough money to pay the rent on his boarding home room, and was in dire straits. That day started me on a journey that would bring me face to face with the realities of the homeless. Little did I know how complex that journey would be. Now, after housing thousands of homeless individuals in temporary makeshift shelters – and living among them for over seven years – I am ready, through Destiny’s Bridge, to address the issue of homelessness in a new and holistic way.

Our society has typically dealt with homelessness on a piecemeal basis. Our approach to this multifaceted social dilemma, however, is a comprehensive one. With the expertise of our board, we are positioned and primed to address this social situation with professionalism and determination. I believe as a nation we must rethink our societal priorities and do a better job of taking care of the poor and the homeless.

Destiny’s Bridge is a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization. It envisions to be an intentional community dedicated to the task of providing a transitional home for homeless adults where they can heal and start the process of becoming productively integrated members of society. The primary objective is to provide shelter, sustenance, and medical care; opportunities for rehabilitation and healing, and learning of employable skills to facilitate integration back into mainstream society.

The philosophy which underlies our mission, is that once the poor and disadvantaged are given the chance to recoup their human dignity in an environment of acceptance and nurturance, they will become empowered to re-join society as productive and diligent indviduals.

We are reaching out to you for monetary help. We need funds to purchase the land, build an initial number of 10 Tiny Homes and an administrative building with offices and common areas, equipped with necessary supplies. We will also need financial support to hire individuals to supervise the running of the facility, professionals such as social workers to facilitate the in-take process, health care professionals to provide physical/mental health care and counseling, and experts who are knowledgeable about the various government services and programs which are in place to help the poor.

If we are to offer the support and services we envision, the infrastructure and services have to be in place even before the first homeless adult comes through our doors.

Please also note that our Board of Directors accepts no pay for their services, the funds will be used entirely for the Community’s expenses.

Your donations are 100% tax deductible.


Minister Steven Brigham, President